Three Vital CX Roles Played by Speech Analytics


Agents interact with dozens of customers daily, and odds are they aren’t exactly calling to talk about their opinion on the Game of Thrones finale.

Your employees encounter an influx of problems, ranging from simple to complex, that all need to be addressed in a way that not only follows organisational and customer expectations, but also compliance standards. Today’s CX leaders know that an organisation needs to not only understand what happens during 100 percent of their interactions – they need to uncover the why behind each experience.

To do this, organisations must pay attention to the science of conversation – a concept that is most clearly depicted using speech analytics. When employed correctly, speech or engagement analytics technology combines historical and real-time data across voice, web, social, or text channels, to help agents better understand what customers expect and how to achieve that desirable outcome while maintaining compliance expectations.

Essentially, your analytics technology takes on three roles, each looking to achieve a common goal in applying proven methods to quickly and successfully resolve a problem.

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