Three Customer Experience Tips To Expedite Your Post-Pandemic Comeback

Forbes LogoThe most obvious way to not get burnt is to keep from striking the match. In the world of customer experience (CX), that’s done through understanding and addressing customer needs before they become disruptive problems. Contact center agents, who are on the frontlines of CX, need resources and help from the organization to avoid starting fires, especially as they navigate working from home.

Even though we’re all spread a little thin these days and are often doing things a little differently than we did previously, customers are expecting quick, personalized service. And as call volumes rise, tension in the contact center is inevitable. During this time, where stress levels are at an all-time high, organizations can work to ensure positive CX, one customer at a time.

Implement Online And Self-Service Options

Research by from our company indicates today’s consumers are much more receptive to self-service options and online chat agents than they were even two years ago. Giving customers the opportunity to do things like make payments, locate important information or cancel service themselves top the list of customer wants and help prevent 483 million unnecessary calls per year for U.S. businesses.

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