The Expanding Compliance Technology Market

Compliance across channels

KMWorld LogoCallMiner has been analyzing telephone conversations for nearly 2 decades and sells a platform for interaction analytics management called Eureka. Now that most companies are omni-channel, it is important to also handle chat, text, email, and social media messages. The ability to scale up is also critical. “One of our first clients was a major airline,” says Jeff Gallino, CTO of CallMiner, “and they had 5,000 agents on duty. Each one handled dozens of calls a day. In order to function, our software had to scale in a serious way. We currently have 350 corporate customers, and at the end of each day we have typically processed 7.5 million contacts.”

Although Eureka has a variety of use cases, Gallino estimates that for about one-third of the customers, compliance is the first one they implement. “Among our customers are a number of collection agencies,” continued Gallino. “These companies have very stringent requirements associated with their interactions with consumers.” For example, they must state they are calling in order to collect a debt, but this statement may be made only to the debtor, not to anyone else who answers the phone or hears a voicemail message. Voice analytics can confirm whether the required disclosures are being made.

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