The CX Technology Revolution: What To Expect In 2021

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If 2020 was anything, it was unpredictable.

With all of the changes that took place this year, it’s only natural that the state of customer experience (CX) has also changed. Between quarantines, shifts to remote work, the rise in consumer vulnerability and more, the business-to-consumer relationship was forced to evolve. Because of this, I anticipate and predict a new CX standard to emerge in 2021 — one that has powerful, enterprise-wide benefits. Here are the three key trends I anticipate will rock the CX landscape in the coming year.

The Rise Of The Analytics-Led Employee Experience

Historically, organizations have focused on and invested in CX tech. While that’s still critical, we often forget to consider the employee experience (EX). Not anymore — I expect to see a big shift in focus to EX technology, especially as research shows happy employees are more productive.