TechBytes with Jeff Gallino, Co-Founder and CTO at CallMiner

Hi Jeff, please tell us about your current role and the technology you handle at CallMiner.

As the CTO of CallMiner, I oversee research, language development, and future product direction. CallMiner has come a long way since I founded the company almost 20 years ago — today, we’re focused on delivering the most comprehensive speech and interactions analytics platform that enables organizations to more effectively understand and extract insights from the conversations they’re having with customers, and use those insights to drive meaningful business improvement. Those interactions span phone calls, chats, emails, and more.

For me, this means making sure we’re staying on the cutting edge of how we leverage advanced technologies, like artificial intelligencemachine learning, acoustical analytics, and more, in our platform to help power real-time alerting and automatic trend identification to improve conversation outcomes as they’re happening and future performance.

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