Tech Firm, After $75M Investment, Plots Global Expansion

CallMiner remains driven to capture new innovations.

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CallMiner ended 2019 with a bang, closing a $75 million investment round with Goldman Sachs. It’s the largest single investment ever made in the speech analytics firm founded in Fort Myers in 2002. It’s also one of the largest onetime capital investments made in a Southwest Florida company in at least the past few years.

“We had raised about $62 million prior to this, but it’s the biggest piece of investment capital we’ve ever had certainly in one slug,” CallMiner President and CEO Paul Bernard says. “It more than doubles the total investment into the company.”

CallMiner’s signature software platform, Eureka, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze customer interactions via call centers and other channels. That analysis provides its more than 400 clients — which include some of the world’s largest brands, financial institutions and communications companies — with actionable recommendations for improving customer service and efficiency.

This new investment will help the company grow its customer base both within the U.S., where it primarily works now, and worldwide. “There is lots of opportunity in Europe and Asia for us, and this will help fuel that international growth,” Bernard says.

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