Speech Analytics Reveals Companies Aren’t F%!king Listening

Speech Technology MagazineCustomer centricity has taken over when it comes to competitive differentiation. But if that’s the case, then why are so many companies fueling consumer anger?

Data from over 82 million calls using artificial intelligence (AI)-fueled speech analytics revealed the use of consumer profanity in the call center is at an all-time high – creating a detrimental impact on a business’ bottom line. And even though over 40% of consumers dial into the contact center simply to be listened to, the research reveals most agents fail when it comes to deescalating volatile situations.

In fact, nearly nine out of 10 calls with instances of profanity contain cursing throughout the entire call. As customer sentiment becomes increasingly angrier, businesses must consider the underlying issues before it’s too late. So, what are the common triggers for the frustration, and how do we resolve them?

The research points to a few key findings.

Find out what they are here.