Sekure Merchant Solutions Deploys CallMiner Speech Analytics



CallMiner have announced that Sekure Merchant Solutions is seeing early success in its implementation of CallMiner Eureka as its speech and engagement analytics solution.

CallMiner Eureka is provided to Sekure Merchant Solutions through their cloud contact centre provider Five9, a CallMiner reseller.

Sekure Merchant Solutions is a leader in credit card processing sales, service, and support. They sought to improve quality management and sales effectiveness, as well as decrease agent attrition within their contact centre with speech analytics.

After reviewing vendor options, Sekure engaged in a free Test Drive with CallMiner via Five9 to understand the insights they could uncover with CallMiner Eureka. The Test Drive revealed how agents were handling sales pitches and rebuttals. Automated scoring also identified and prioritised opportunities for agent training.

“In the first two months of production use across multiple sales campaigns, we have increased our same-week lead to sale conversion by 30-55% directly as a result of CallMiner Eureka scores,” said Matt Coffey, General Manager of Technical Projects.

“We have also identified tens of thousands of highly valuable mis-dispositioned leads that were essentially being removed from our lead pool and revenue stream. We’ve been very pleased to already see a return on our speech analytics investment this quick.”

Sekure Merchant Solutions selected CallMiner Eureka for the data-driven insight available from 100% monitoring of agent interactions for automated quality management and sales training.

Eureka will help Sekure Merchant Solutions identify opportunities to increase contact centre efficiency by uncovering excessive silence, reducing manual call categorisation, and tracking barriers to first call resolution.

For sales conversions, Eureka will measure the effectiveness of sales pitches, analyse when agents are selling and the result, and monitor behaviors in missed sales conversions.


Paul Bernard

“More organisations today are realising that data-driven analysis derived from customer interactions is a fast path for revenue generating action as well as contact centre optimisation,” said Paul Bernard, CallMiner CEO.

“Sekure Merchant Solutions’ use of CallMiner Eureka embraces these benefits with their payment processing innovation driving sales results with enhanced quality management.”

“Our partnership with CallMiner offers industry-leading speech analytics to joint users,” said Walt Rossi, VP Business Development, Five9.

The ability to acquire rich interaction intelligence within the Five9 platform empowers organisations of all sizes to effectively improve customer experiences, optimise efficiencies, and encourage sales, support and compliance results.”

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