Nearly Three Quarters of Customers Will Ditch a Company for Poor Customer Service

While many companies pay lip service to customer support excellence, far fewer put their money where their press releases are and consistently provide the type of customer support that customers expect. Let’s face it: providing high-quality customer support is expensive, and it’s a tempting item to cut out of the budget when the numbers aren’t quite balancing. Maybe customers won’t notice the lethargic quality of customer support?

Customers ARE noticing, however, and the need to boost quality has never been more important. According to the recently released 2020 CallMiner (News – Alert) Churn Index, consumer reliance on phone-based customer support increased by 17 percent since 2018, and nearly 74 percent of consumers indicated they will switch providers after a poor contact center experience. On the flip side of the equation, 90 percent of consumers said they are likely to stay loyal after a positive call center experience. The research was based on a survey of 2,000 American adults over the past year.

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