Inspired CX—The Provider Community Takes Care of Customers, Staff, and Community During Crisis

This period may be remembered as the finest hour for CX. For better or worse, some companies are proving that they are who we thought they were, while others surprise with heretofore unknown demonstrations of CX resiliency and agility.

Recently, I wrote about how CX practitioners are helping their organizations navigate these uncharted waters and mitigating negative customer impact through their deep knowledge of customer journeys. The positive reaction to the piece showed me that we’re all in the mood for some good news—proof points about how the key tenets of CX are being put into practice and shining like a beacon during dark times.

Having already profiled a few practitioners, I talked with Molly Perrin, CXPA’s Membership Community Manager, and asked her to put me in touch with a few of our sponsors to get a sense of how the CX provider community is taking care of their customers, their fellow employees, and their communities during this time. I posted the question to CXPA’s discussion forum as well so that CX professionals of all stripes can weigh in. Join the discussion; I may reach out to ask you to share your thoughts in an upcoming article.


The team at CallMiner, which focuses on speech and interaction analytics that benefit service and experience professionals, created a new COVID-19 focused online community for their customers on March 5th, shortly after the first customer questions about responding to the disease began popping up in their general product forum.

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