How to promote ethical business when you have biased data

Creating an ethical business and customer experience (CX) begins with understanding the interactions that impact the business every day. To do so, many leading organizations collect massive amounts of data and use quality assurance to ensure that agents are behaving appropriately on calls. It’s easy to assume that this attention to customer interactions would be enough to stop negative encounters. While it’s true that monitoring all calls does provide a more complete picture of interactions, call centers do not exist in isolation. They exist within an imperfect world, where misogyny, racism, stereotyping, and other forms of discrimination happen on a daily basis.

Everyone is impacted by these societal biases and ideas, and whether we like it or not, this will show up in the everyday interactions that we collect. The ability to collect and analyze interactions in a business provides data – an invaluable tool in the fight to create and maintain an ethical business and build a more ethical world. It is crucial to let the data guide us to the insights that drive businesses, even when those insights involve taking a hard look at some of the biases that inherently exist in your own business.

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