How AI Is Helping Reduce Turnover in an Industry Known for Being a Revolving Door

Inc. Magazine LogoResearch shows the annual turnover rate for this type of job is 30 to 45 percent, more than double the average for all other occupations in the U.S. 

Don’t judge me on my worst five minutes.” This is a reasonable request from any employee to their employer.

Yet, in many contact centers, supervisors evaluate agent performance randomly, often on the basis of less than a 1 percent sample size. It’s more about luck than fairness. And agents are saying enough is enough.

Contact centers have historically had issues with turnover, and employee instability has presented a major roadblock to improved service. Research conducted by the Quality Assurance & Training Connection (QATC) shows that the average annual turnover rate for agents in U.S. contact centers ranges from 30 to 45 percent, which is more than double the average for all other occupations in the U.S.

A common frustration of agents is being managed toward statistics, not training and growth. If contact centers are serious about initiating real change, they need to shift from beating agents up over numbers to helping them improve.

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