Fraud Is Eroding The Customer Experience

Forbes LogoAre you worried about fraud? Concerned about giving out your credit card number or Social Security number over the phone—or to an AI (Artificial Intelligence)-fueled bot? You’re not alone. According to Sitel Group and CallMiner’s recent Preventing Fraud & Preserving CX with AI Report, more than nine in 10 (92%) consumers in the U.S. are concerned about fraud increasing in their daily activities. They are afraid to share information with customer service reps as well as “secured” websites. Fraud is eroding the customer experience!

It wasn’t that long ago that my mother finally started using to make purchases. For years I suggested that she use Amazon and other online retailers like Walmart and Target to make purchases. She refused to do so. She was afraid someone would steal her credit card and other valuable information. After a little coaxing, she acquiesced and agreed to start buying from these high-profile retailers. It wasn’t long before she became just like most of us, seeking out the time-saving convenience of online retail to make routine purchases. Yet, she was still worried—and she had good reason to be.

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