Emotional AI: Unlocking VoC with Sentiment Analysis

Discover why actionable insights on customers’ emotions and sentiment are essential for customer experience success.

Emotional AIEvery customer behavior is driven by an emotion, and as we know, some emotions are more powerful than others. Anger, disgust, rage — these are feelings that typically lead to customer churn and a very negative perception of a brand. But how can organizations understand these emotions and adjust their strategies in real-time to transform a bad customer service experience into a positive one? By implementing speech analytics powered by emotional artificial intelligence (AI), companies can finally begin to unlock the voice of the customer (VoC) for new insights on customer behavior, attitude, and sentiment like not previously possible.

Sentiment: The verbiage of emotion

Through sentiment analysis, we’re able to evaluate language and voice inflections, gleaning information on a customer’s attitudes, opinions, and emotions toward products, services, and policies. Sentiment analysis allows for objective interpretation of factors, such as the amount of stress in a customer’s voice or how fast the individual is speaking and what that could mean. And by comparing sentiment analysis scores across certain segments, companies can easily identify common pain points, areas for improvement in the delivery of customer support, and overall satisfaction between product lines or services.