Driving A Revolution in Customer Service Quality, 6 Million Calls At A Time

by Micah Solomon



Do you know of any cloud-based solutions that can prevent a defective product from (literally) going up in smoke–and help its manufacturer identify such dire situations before they hit the news (and, perhaps, their stock price)?

There’s only one service that I know of that can pull this off: CallMiner’s Eureka.  It’s the backbone behind a quiet revolution in customer support, customer service, and improving the customer experience, powered by “listening” to every single call at a client company, incoming and outbound, and converting the words on those calls into structured data.

This allows Eureka to track customer emotion, sentiment, effort, and agent performance to enhance customer experience, employee performance, and to mitigate risk.

And, at least once, its power was used to literally prevent homes from erupting in flames. One client of CallMiner is a leading provider of gaming consoles. In an initial read-back of calls taken by customer support, words such as “smoke” and “fire” kept appearing with surprising regularity. The executives in the room for the read-back assumed these were references to plot points in the games themselves.  However, a closer read revealed a frantic gamer who had to rush out of his house and into the street when smoke began to pour out of his console. Additional analyses showed that this was far from an isolated incident, but happily, with the help of Eureka, the manufacturer was able to identify the problem quickly and proactively resolve it–before it hit the papers.

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