Delivering Exceptional CX in Times of Crisis and Rapid Change

smart customer serviceCompanies are struggling to keep pace with rapidly changing customer expectations, and it’s impacting customer service, experience, and retention.

It’s hard to blame companies, though. There was a sudden and fundamental shift in customer needs at the outset of the pandemic that extended beyond what you’d expect in terms of payment deferments or forgiveness. For example, organizations were suddenly inundated with safety questions they had never handled in bulk before, such as: “Am I safe using my finger to sign on the device used to confirm delivery of a package? How often is that device cleaned?”

Further, with our near-term public health and economic future still in flux, it’s impossible to predict what’s next. And today, most customer service organizations are weighed down by outdated and static customer feedback practices, like post-engagement surveys and manual, random-sample interaction analysis, that make it challenging to uncover critical customer insights.

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