Contact Center Hiring & Retention: Using AI to Predict Which Job Candidates Will Be Successful

CallMiner partner MainTrax, a visionary team of experts uniquely qualified to help companies maximize speech analytics technology and transform customer data into smart, actionable business solutions, contirbuted an article on contact center hiring and featured CallMiner.

Do you have trouble hiring quality agents? Retaining the superstars? You’re not alone. Surveys suggest agent attrition is a top concern year after year. And no wonder: the ramification of bad hires is expensive. The average cost to recruit, hire and train each new agent starts around $6,500 depending upon vertical. Poor hires mean higher turnover and more time spent hiring (again!), not to mention the negative impact a bad agent can have on the customer experience and your brand.

Speech analytics and BPVA are strong on their own, but when used together some extremely powerful insights can be uncovered.

Scott Kendrick, VP of Marketing at CallMiner, suggests that, “Acoustics and prosody are beneficial primarily in understanding the strength of an emotion, but not necessarily the sentiment. Semantics have been proven to be the most accurate method of measuring one’s sentiment. The tonality or way in which something is said helps us understand the degree or level of that sentiment. Combining the two will give us the most accurate method of measuring emotion.” Kendrick added that context is important to consider, too.

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