CallMiner Uses Speech Analytics To Identify And Crowd Source Answers To Surprising Customer Queries

Forbes LogoAmid this crisis that we are currently going through, I’ve been hearing lots of stories from organizations saying that customers are calling them and asking lots of surprising and non-product or service related questions.

They’ve been asking questions like:

Can I go to the dentist?

Can I get my hair cut?

Can my pet get the virus?

Does the virus live on surfaces? And, if so, how does that affect the delivery of paperwork or packaging or signing for deliveries?

On the surface, these questions could, on the one hand, seem comical and on the other a bit weird. However, I believe they say a lot about how those customers perceive the brands and how they think that they can help.

But, given that many service and support teams are still managing both the transition to remote working and significant increases in demand for help from customers, these calls are in danger of tying up essential resources and having a knock-on effect on the level of service that is received by other customers.

This is something that CallMiner, a provider of speech analytics solutions for improving agent performance and customer intelligence, started to notice in late January when they spotted mentions of coronavirus beginning to show up in their data.

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