CallMiner Survey Shows Frightening Results

Call Center SchedulingThe pandemic put businesses to the test. Organizations were faced with making rapid changes across operations. From the C-suite to the contact center, it is a much different world, but having recognized the shift virtual, too many firms are not able to recognize shortfalls in the customer service transition.

Today, CallMiner unveiled the results of “Customer Experience Insights from the Pandemic: Brand Performance, Consumer Preferences and Lessons Learned,” a study that spoke with over 2,000 consumers in June 2020 and demonstrated some frightening results.

Less than 20 percent of those surveyed felt brands handled call volume and customer service requests exceptionally well. As COVID-19 kicked into full gear, far too many companies poorly disseminated information of policy to customers. Research indicates only a small fraction of agents are able to offer educated, accurate responses to customer queries in regard to the pandemic.

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