CallMiner Raises $75 Million in New Funding From Goldman Sachs

GS Growth makes initial investment in maker of speech-analytics software

By Jared Council

Jeff Gallino Headshot
Jeff Gallino, CallMiner’s founder and Chief Technology Officer

CallMiner Inc., a developer of speech-analytics software powered by artificial intelligence, said Monday that it raised $75 million in new venture funding from GS Growth, an investment unit of Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

WSJ Pro Artificial IntelligenceThe Waltham, Mass.-based company, which has about 250 employees, has raised a total of $142 million since it was founded in 2002.

CallMiner’s software platform, called Eureka, uses AI to analyze conversations between customers and a company’s representatives. Among other things, the platform can recommend what an agent should say and determine if employees’ answers comply with company protocols. Eureka uses natural language processing and other techniques to understand the words and sentiment used in calls, web chats, emails, surveys and texts.

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