Balancing AI and Humanity to Improve CX

Call Centetr Times LogoCustomer experience (CX) is a crucial competitive advantage for brands, and artificial intelligence is emerging as an important differentiator in delivering the best CX possible. In fact, 75% of CX decision-makers believe that advancements to AI, as well as self-service technology, are the most critical factors to future CX success.

While AI is a powerful tool for improving CX and extracting actionable insights for the entire enterprise, organizations must use caution when over-automating their customer engagements. Now more than ever, customers are looking to connect with another human – not an automated answering service or chatbot. The key to leveraging AI in CX and contact center operations is to use the technology to enhance human connections, not replace them.

Automation and the Need for Humanization

It’s no surprise that not all customer interactions are straightforward – not every interaction involves a customer checking a balance or wondering when a bill is due. While these scenarios are the perfect example of when automation is most useful, when customers bypass self-service and request to speak to a human to solve a problem, it’s almost always because the issue at hand is too complex for the automated system or a chatbot. Customers have unique problems that need to be solved, and there is never going to be a one-size-fits-all automated resolution.

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