Are You Listening to Me? Why VoC is Crucial to Business Success

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Today’s consumers don’t just want personalization, they expect it – they anticipate a tailored approach from any business with which they interact. And the call center is no exception. As organizations attempt to meet these expectations, gaining an understanding of the Voice of the Customer (VoC) is imperative.

VoC is an essential part of the customer experience (CX). It uses an “outside-in” perspective to help identify the expectations, likes and dislikes of previous, current, and prospective customers, offering a new level of insight for businesses. Yet, so many companies aren’t accessing the power of VoC because they are only relying on traditional measures to gain access to solicited feedback, which is important, but only tells part of the story. Surveys can provide organizations with valuable data, but they tend to skew more towards the extremely happy or dissatisfied and have limitations on the number of questions asked. The contact center can help fill the gaps.

The vast majority of unsolicited, crucial customer feedback is untapped. Speech analytics provides unique VoC insight by monitoring conversational behaviors with a focus created from categorization, tagging and quantitative scoring of 100% of interactions with your customers. This provides the deep level of understanding needed to create a positive experience, as well as deliver key business intelligence for better product, promotion, policies, processes, and pricing.

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