AI, Racism, and Bias: The Impact on Employees and CX

While AI bias is a real issue, AI also can be a tool to combat racism and abuse in the contact center and the larger enterprise.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer just a buzzword being discussed in theory — we’ve reached a point where AI is delivering real, measurable impact across a wide range of industries. The AI solutions being used today are automatically capturing and making decisions based on enormous amounts of data — from supporting healthcare diagnoses and detecting fraud in financial services to improving how organizations engage with customers.

The application of AI to improve employee and customer experiences is one of the most powerful use cases. Many organizations already have a trove of customer interaction data at their fingertips — whether it’s via call center interactions, chatbots, or other channels — and AI has the power to turn that data into insightful intelligence that boosts customer retention, improves consumer loyalty, and engages employees.

But when AI is influenced by a flood of data with no human management, it has the potential to go in directions we don’t expect. Some of those instances are easy to brush off, like robots trying to escape their labs to reach freedom, but not all unintended consequences of AI are so benign. Remember the Microsoft Twitter bot that accidentally learned to act racist?

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