AI Isn’t Replacing CX Professionals — It’s Making Them Better

Forbes LogoArtificial intelligence (AI) is getting a bad reputation. There’s a lot of buzz about emerging tech stealing the jobs of hardworking people — especially those in the customer experience (CX) field. And while Forrester predicts that 1 out of 4 CX professionals will lose their jobs in 2020, it has little to do with employers implementing AI.

The real reason is the growing business-criticality of CX. In fact, brands will spend $8 billion more on customer service agents in 2020 than 2019 due to heightened demand and competition for highly skilled agents.

The truth is plain and simple: AI isn’t replacing contact center agents — it’s helping them step up to be the best they can be and deliver more value than ever. The key is in implementing AI to be on their side.

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