Adapting CX to 5 common types of customers

It’s no secret that delivering a five-star customer experience (CX) has direct and long-lasting positive effects on customer loyalty. However, not all customers are created the same. What one customer might prefer, another might reject. That’s why the key to CX excellence is a personalised approach to every customer.

But delivering this personalised experience isn’t easy. Organisations have hundreds, thousands or even millions of customers, and it’s challenging to not only understand each one of their personal preferences, but to then transform that understanding into CX action.

That’s where understanding different customer types comes in. While you’ll surely come across customers that fall outside of these buckets, here are the top five archetypes of customers that are most important for organisations to identify.

1. The Vulnerable Customer

Perhaps the most critical persona to understand today is the vulnerable customer. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) recently reported that 24 million people in the UK displayed one or more characteristics of vulnerability, including mental, financial or physical hardship.

Recent research shows that most customers just want to be listened to and it’s more important than ever that customer service employees interact with a high level of empathy and sensitivity. Furthermore, there are very specific compliance mandates that require companies to treat vulnerable customers ethically and fairly.

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