A New Year Doesn’t Require a New Agent Churn Cycle

Call Centetr Times LogoData indicates that January and February are the most popular months for employees to leave their jobs. For contact centers, where turnover rates are already between 30-45%, this potential increase in agent churn doesn’t exactly say, “Happy New Year!” Luckily, AI-powered speech analytics can help prevent churn during the annual season of turnover by giving agents what they need: actionable analytics, comprehensive feedback and a tool that leads to success.

Analytics That Measure Up 

Contact centers have emerged as a strategic asset for companies, but they are often only as good as the agents behind them. Being able to analyze and report on key contact center data provides actionable insights that can make all the difference in agent performance. Enter speech analytics. The technology takes the unstructured data from customer interactions and turns it into intelligence that can be searched and analyzed. It uses categorization and automatic scoring to measure performance across all communication methods, including calls, emails and chats, to reveal which agents are performing well, which are falling behind, and which are at risk for churn.

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