6 Steps On How To Close The Biggest Problem In Today’s Contact Center: The Communication Gap

Truly listening to understand your customer is one of the most important [and underutilized personal] tools that most brands aren’t doing today,” CX Journey CEO and Forbes Councils member, Annette Franz, recently told me.

You might think that’s a bold statement but there’s a reason why her name carries weight in the CX space.

According to Psychology Today, research shows that about 10 percent of us listen effectively, creating a growing disconnect in business communication.

Listening to a customer seems like a relatively simple task, but whether it’s analyzing consumer data trends or literally listening in one-on-one conversations, many contact center agents are botching communication in customer experience.

The listening gap and how it’s effecting consumer behavior

According to a CCW Digital market study, a mere 11% of consumers believe brands take their feedback very seriously. A staggering 14% believe brands do not listen to their feedback at all, while nearly 37% say brands only “slightly” value their input.

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