20 Great Ways to Drive Down Customer Complaints

Our panel of experts share their favourite advice for complaint handling in the contact centre.

1. Tackle Your Top Complaint Reasons First

The first step to take when looking to drive down complaints is to try and identify the main sources of complaints, in order to concentrate on the recurring problems.

Then, you can look to create a strategy around each major complaint reason, so you are solving the issues that are negatively impacting the most customers first.

The strategy that you create will likely revolve around:

  • Simplifying IT management and operational procedures
  • Adding to your existing learning and development strategy
  • Identifying helpful contact centre tools

Once you’ve implemented the strategy, it is important that you then measure its impact by tracking customer complaint volumes and customer satisfaction.

Thanks to Anne Thebaut at Wisper

2. Help Other Departments Problem Solve

Contact centres can often be siloed from the rest of the business, focusing on reporting on and improving their internal metrics, such as service level and abandon rate.

In reality, however, a large proportion of complaints come for reasons outside the contact centre’s control, with the likes of badly designed websites, limited or poorly implemented self-service options, delivery enquiries and product issues all aggravating customers to the point of complaint.

Voice of the Customer tools such as surveys and speech or text analytics can help identify these issues by aggregating topics and sentiment across a much wider range than manually listening to calls would allow.

By experiencing and mapping customer journeys first hand, triggers for complaints can also be identified. But remember, the important part is to then prioritize and act on these valuable insights to improve the customer journey.

Thanks to Craig Farley at IP Integration

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