18 Simple Ideas to Reduce Your Abandon Rate

1. Identify Where Calls Are Being Abandoned (and Act!)

It’s important to understand that a customer can abandon a call at any point throughout the call journey, not just at the start while the caller is waiting to be answered.

For example, customers will abandon calls when being placed on hold for too long or when they have lost count of the overly complicated options within the IVR.

So the first and possibly most important step to lowering the abandon rate is to identify where the calls are being abandoned.

Once the “where” has been identified, you can start to figure out the “why”.

Using metrics such as Abandoned Calls and Calls Ended On Hold at any step of the call journey makes it relatively easily to analyse the entire call journey and identify where the highest rates of abandonment occur.

2. Experience the Caller Journey for Yourself

A good and often overlooked way to gain insight into how the customer call journey can be improved is to try it for yourself.

Experience how it feels to move through these pain points and see for yourself how each step could be improved.

It could be something as simple as the need to improve the on-hold messages, simplify the options on the IVR or even lower the time that callers are kept on hold.

Inevitability, though, in most cases, it will come down to having enough agents available at the right times.

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