17 Smart Ways to Refresh Your Homeworking Strategy

Call Centre HelperOur panel of experts share their favourite advice for revitalizing your contact centre homeworking strategy.

1. Provide Advisors With New Roles and Responsibilities

With every day seeming a bit repetitive right now for advisors – wake up, make tea, walk downstairs, start working, stop working, repeat – it would be no surprise if they were feeling a bit bored. And with boredom usually comes apathy, disengagement, and a slip in performance.

That’s why now might be a great time to give your advisors some new roles and responsibilities – and even a new project or challenge – as a way to refresh your homeworking strategy.

This may seem a bit counterintuitive, and you may be thinking: “What? Their KPIs are slipping! The last thing I need is to make their work harder!”

But if their stagnant performance is due to boredom, a new role or challenge can get their blood pumping and reinvigorate them to bring their best all around.

A few examples include:

  • Reassigning advisors across teams, like a billing advisor to the service queue
  • Tasking an advisor with a process improvement project
  • Assigning an advisor to organize and run the team’s virtual staff meeting.

See the full list here.