16 Contact Centre Innovations That You Can’t Ignore

Call Centre HelperOur panel of experts share their favourite contact centre innovations and why they believe they may potentially be so beneficial to your operation.

1. Micro-Scheduling

Micro-scheduling allows your homeworkers self-select their own hours, at least partially – i.e. after they have worked the core hours that you need them to work.

Some people may want to book their hours around the school run, for example, starting at 9.30, stopping at 2.30, and then doing a couple of hours on the late shift in the evening.

This list of preferences will enable planners to build up a complex matrix of availability and enable your business to schedule in a highly flexible way – often right down to 30-minute intervals – in order to match available resource to expected customer demand much more accurately.

Micro-scheduling is hugely beneficial when customer demand is inconsistent across the day. If you operate a car breakdown service, for example, you’ll probably experience two daily peaks aligned with the drive to work and the drive home in the evening.

So do you staff-up on a daily basis to meet “peak demand” and therefore avoid missing any vital customer calls?

Clearly that would be hugely inefficient in terms of resources if it meant people sitting around for large parts of the day with nothing to do. So how about staffing up to “core” levels (however you define that) and then using homeworkers and micro-scheduling to plug the “peak demand” gaps

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