How to Avoid Member Dissatisfaction Using Speech Analytics in Your Credit Union & Call Center

CallMiner Vice President of Marketing Scott Kendrick joins us on the show for an audio discussion regarding the current state of speech analytics capabilities for your credit union’s contact centers and the potential growth opportunities in 2019 based on a recent survey they conducted: Banking Churn: CallMiner UK.

Some of the items we addressed included:

  • What is the current state of speech analytics capabilities for FI contact centers today?
  • What are potential growth opportunities?
  • Why is this important for today’s FIs? (To avoid banking’s current fourth highest in customer dissatisfaction [out of 11 industries] with 12.2% of survey respondents planning a change within the next 12 months.)
  • What do credit unions need to do to stem this oncoming tide of dissatisfaction in regards to speech analytics?

Check it out and let us know your thoughts.