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What the Hack? Join us for our Hackathon!


Richard Britt

September 24, 2018

FCR Hackathon graphic
FCR Hackathon graphic

For those of you who are not aware, I am on the research team here at CallMiner.  In research, we like to learn and try stuff.  If you are lucky enough to be a research scientist, then you know what I’m going to talking about.  If not, then let me share what we do, and why things like hackathons are important.

In research we fail, a lot.  I estimate at the beginning of research, up to 85% failure rate.  Even when you find something that works, it’s important to continue to fail.  You have to be sure.  This concept is not foreign to any of us.  Edison with the light bulb, the Wright brothers with flight, Elon Musk and his SpaceX rockets; these are innovations built on failures.  We work in conversational AI, this is similar.  It is a failure laden research area.  The expectation of the role is to fail on the path to success, because in failure you can find success; a phoenix rising from the ashes as it were.

The research field is very different from most business roles.  It is hard to imagine an operations position where you are left alone to fail, and the CEO says, “nice work”.  Most business roles are success driven, as example most call centers have “Success Metrics”.  I will argue for this reason research is lucky and cool.  Of course, we don’t endeavor to fail stupid, we fail smart, we learn, and grow.  Our success metric is knowledge applied to the existing business.

Proving the impossible

The hardest part of the research job is often you can’t prove something does not work, these albatross are just things that it have not been figured out yet.  Thus, the failure is important, because if you fail enough, if you try enough things targeted to the outcome, sooner or later it works.  Eventually, the you are docking with the international space station.

This is where the hackathon comes in.  Most of you who use the product are in success roles.  What I mean is your roles and your skill are exceptionally valuable because what you do usually works.  In structuring this Hackathon – CallMiner’s first! – on First Call Resolution (FCR) we knew that your amazing talent would create the right way to find FCR behaviors.  You always succeed, it is in your nature.

Path to Product

We know that the path our products take are very important to you our customers.  We also know that you, our clients, would like an influence the path.  This is exactly where the Hackathon takes you.  By participating and getting involved you will influence the path our research and product will take.  We will continue to involve you in research along the way, if you choose to participate you will be directly influencing the product path.  It may seem subtle, but in CallMiner Research is the pre-product stream.  We work very closely with the product and operations team.

Time to Hack

So, take a look at the Hackathon, and we hope you jump in and get rolling.  Guide the product with your expertise, and skill.  Bring your success to the AI research, help influence the product, and win $500 from Amazon and a free pass to LISTEN 2018.

Note: the Hackathon is hosted on our EO community, and a login is needed to enter.

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