Using Interaction Analytics to Handle Abusive Customers

Dealing with abusive customers can really affect the morale of the contact centre agents. Obviously, there is no excuse for customers being abusive but sometimes, even the mildest mannered get so frustrated that they behave in a way that they shouldn’t. However, it is the agents who need to deal with the aftermath – often feeling upset and emotional themselves.

In this article, Frank Sherlock shares his tips for what call centre managers should do to protect agents from this kind of behaviour and deliver a better customer experience, with the help of interaction analytics. These are:

1. Find out the underlying cause and fix the problem to reduce the frequency of customers arriving at the call feeling frustrated
2. Discover what is likely to trigger abusive behaviour while on the call and coach your agents to avoid words, phrases or tone of voice that can act as ‘anger triggers’
3. “Don’t cure it – Prevent it” by providing your agents with real-time next-best-action advice to rescue deteriorating interactions and get the call back on track
4. Identify and share best practice ways (e.g. showing empathy or good listening skills) to calm customers down and turn a difficult call into a good customer outcome.

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