Webinar: How Your Analysts Can Get More Actionable Insights from Interaction (Speech) Analytics

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This month’s webinar, to be held on March 24 at 1:00 PM EST, will discuss “A Day in the Life of an Interaction Analytics Analyst.”


Congratulations, your organization has made (or is considering making) the wise investment in automated interaction analytics to help support agent performance, compliance and optimal contact outcomes.  Now, how do your interaction analysts take or uncover those pressing business challenges, convert them into actionable insights, support the identified solution and create relevant outcome reporting.

The webinar will feature Interaction Analysts Kim Berghold of Client Services Inc., Mark Paetz of Higher Ed and Scott Ramirez of Simple Health as they share their stories as to approach and methodology each of them used in meeting the unique business challenges of their organization through the applied use of automated contact analytics.

In this webinar, you will learn how these analysts:

  • Use Analytics to evaluate business challenges
  • Work collaboratively on use case requirements
  • Design and generate reports to support business objectives
  • Help formulate solutions and develop process improvement plans

Register for this webinar here. We look forward to seeing you the 24th!