Summer Is The Time To Binge Watch Webinars

At CallMiner, we strive to consistently deliver valuable information through our learning center and the numerous webinars we host and are speakers on with our partners. We know you can’t always attend webinars in your busy day, but the summer is a great time to catch up on webinars you may have missed. And for those of you already in a back to school mindset, what better topic than interaction analytics!

Below are highlights from our recent webinars that are currently available on our website so you can listen anytime. Topics range from contact center efficiency, to performance management, to the voice of the customer, and all will help you grow your business while improving the customer and agent experience.  You can always find upcoming and on demand webinars in our learning center.

Zeroing in on Ideal Coaching Moments with Speech AnalyticsZeroing in on Ideal Coaching Moments with Speech Analytics featuring Vivint Home Solutions

For organizations using a manual, randomly sampled call Quality Assurance process, finding the ideal monitored calls in which to coach your agents with is like trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack. Automated speech analytics provides contact centers a game changing approach to your organization’s QA program by analyzing, scoring and providing direct feedback insights on 100% of interactions. Hear how Vivint designed and utilized automated speech analytics to extract KPI targeted scores and route those critical insights through an API to their own customized dashboard to track and coach on agent scoring/behaviors.

Watch the webinar featuring Vivint’s Ben Austin and Jacob Miller here.


Tone Matters! Gain Insights on Sentiment Through Speech AnalyticsTone Matters! Gain Insights on Sentiment Through Speech Analytics

What we say, when we say it and equally important, how we say it matters both from a customer and contact center agent perspective. For organizations invested in optimizing customer experience, having a deep understanding of customer sentiment is critical to crafting your agent skill sets, cx programs, processes, and services to best meet the needs and expectations of your customers.  Learn in this enlightening webinar on the importance and impact of tonality and customer sentiment in your contact center interactions.

Watch the webinar featuring Heather Hanson Esq., creator of the “Win with Words Assessment” and LISTEN keynote speaker


Generate and Accelerate ROI with Interaction Analytics and Consulting ServicesGenerate and Accelerate ROI with Interaction Analytics and Consulting Services

Automated interaction analytics are converting call centres from cost centres to revenue and profit generators. Ember Services and CallMiner invite you to an educational webinar on how through analytics you can unlock the value buried in your customer interactions and will also highlight customer examples of success. This webinar is designed to help you understand where analytics, both speech and chat, can deliver quick wins in the call centre, driving efficiency and agent performance, as well as sustained value across your business.

Watch the webinar here.


How Artificial Intelligence and Interaction Analytics Drive Better Customer ExperiencesHow Artificial Intelligence and Interaction Analytics Drive Better Customer Experiences

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to be the hottest topic in technology with the promise of dramatically changing the customer experience landscape. How you ask? Our upcoming webinar will dig deep into how for the first time, data is available to be analyzed like never before! Contact center interaction transcripts – speech, chat and social – are a massively untapped dataset. Unlocking this data is key to increase contact center efficiency and give your company a competitive customer experience advantage.

Watch the webinar here.


3 Ways Sekure Merchant Boosted Sales Conversion with Five9 and CallMiner3 Ways Sekure Merchant Boosted Sales Conversion with Five9 and CallMiner

Learn how Sekure Merchant increased their same-week sales conversions by 55% with CallMiner and Five9. Sekure Merchant, a leading credit card processing company, was having difficulties with their quality management and sought to increase the effectiveness of their sales team. Within two months of using CallMiner to analyze calls recorded through Five9, Sekure Merchant significantly increased their sales conversions and identified thousands of mis-dispositioned leads.

Watch the webinar here.


Best Practices and Guidelines Purchasing Speech AnalyticsBest Practices and Guidelines Purchasing Speech Analytics

As contact centers evolve from traditional call centers into omni-channel customer engagement centers, customer engagement analytics- aka speech analytics – is becoming an even more essential tool for improving contact center efficiency, the customer experience, compliance and sales. Join noted contact center expert Colin Taylor, CEO & Chief Chaos Officer of The Taylor Reach Group as he reviews the key considerations when researching and selecting an omni-channel speech analytics solution for your customer engagement center.

Watch the webinar featuring Colin Taylor, CEO of The Taylor Reach Group here.


5 Ways to Create Engaged and Empowered Agents5 Ways to Create Engaged and Empowered Agents

It is generally recognised that engaged and empowered advisors deliver better customer satisfaction. In this webinar with Call Centre Helper we looked at 5 ways to create engaged and empowered agents. Learn more on how to build agent confidence, increase agent engagement, problem solving and building rapport, and dealing with difficult customers.

Watch the webinar here.


How Dialog Direct Accelerates Sales Effectiveness and CXHow Dialog Direct Accelerates Sales Effectiveness and CX

The surest way to sales effectiveness is having a formal process for elevating the customer experience and the tools to monitor agent performance and improvements over time. Join Marvie Wright, Director of Sales/Leadership Training at Dialog Direct, as she shares her 6-step Quality Success Process for improving CX and sales performance. Using speech analytics insights, Dialog Direct has developed a Life Cycle of Analysis to achieve measurable, consistent and repeatable results.

Watch the webinar featuring here.


Identify Root Cause to Reduce CallsIdentify Root Cause to Reduce Calls

Thomson Reuters, like many businesses with in-house or 3rd party call centers, had trouble identifying what drove their customers to call, understand why they called back repeatedly, why calls were transferred, and why promised callbacks were not consistently made? Hear from Thomson Reuter’s Senior Analyst, Brian Miller, to learn how they used speech analytics to define root cause, develop a process for determining how to fix the issues, provide targeted agent training, and monitor implementation and ROI.

Watch the webinar here.


Measuring Customer Satisfaction with Speech AnalyticsMeasuring Customer Satisfaction with Speech Analytics

This webinar is about measuring customer satisfaction, comparing different metrics and working out what will work best in the contact center! Learn from UK experts on measuring customer satisfaction, comparing different metric, the right times to measure customer satisfaction, pitfalls to avoid and using customer satisfaction to drive change.

Watch the webinar here.


Optimize Performance Work-at-Home AgentsOptimize Performance Work-at-Home Agents

It’s no secret that employing remote, work-at-home agents is a viable means to obtain or retain talented, flexible employees and solve workforce staffing and call overflow management issues. But, how you manage, evaluate, motivate and achieve optimal performance from your remote agents can be a challenge.

Watch the webinar featuring Jim Rembach of FastLeaders here.


Accelerate Agent Development Optimize OutcomesAccelerate Agent Development Optimize Outcomes

The use of post contact and real-time interaction analytics for sustainable improvements in contact center and agent performance is proving its worth time and time again. Join Tracy Dudek of State Collection Service Inc (SCSI) for this enlightening webinar as she shares how their progressive use of Interaction (a/k/a Speech) Analytics over the last 6 years has helped to dramatically expand and improve their quality control process, agent development, operational efficiency, customer experience, client satisfaction and recovery results.

Watch the webinar here.


Speech Analytics Drives Ridiculously Nice Values for AmericollectSpeech Analytics Drives Ridiculously Nice Values for Americollect

Speech analytics has the power to drive dramatic contact center improvements and reinforce corporate values and messaging. Hear from Americollect’s Director of Process Improvement Jennifer Suda and Business Analyst Thomas Peroutka to learn how they used speech analytics to drive meaningful and sustained improvements in the contact center while strengthening corporate values across their entire organization.

Watch the webinar here.


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