LISTEN 2017: Premiere Event for CallMiner Customers and Customer Engagement Professionals – Just Two Months Away!

LISTEN 2017 will be held October 25-27, at the Opal Sands Resort in Clearwater Beach, Florida. With an elite lineup of keynotes and speakers, over 40 educational breakout sessions—most led by customers, Eureka Great Escape Challenge, Eureka Success Playbooks, ever-popular API content and plenty of time for networking, LISTEN 2017 is a must-attend event. To secure your spot at the conference and book your room at this breathtaking hotel, register now.

NEW at LISTEN 2017 — Great Keynotes and Session Speakers You Won’t Want to Miss!

jay-baer.jpgJay Baer – Keynote Speaker — New York Times best-selling author. In his fun-filled presentation, Jay will share research, demonstrate the impact of “Talk Triggers” on customer sentiment and talk about how to use Eureka to obtain them and evangelize insights throughout the organization.

joe-dudek.jpgJoe Dudek, CRP, GMS-T – Sr. Market Manager, Quicken Loans – Keynote Speaker – Join Joe and learn “How Quicken Utilizes Culture to Drive Innovation, Customer Experience and Business Success.” Joe is passionate about the company’s culture and its effect on new strategies and opportunities and his talk promises to be inspiring and his excitement, contagious.

In addition to these keynotes we have an elite lineup of session speakers from Sirius XM, Otterbox, Thomson Reuters, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Encore Capital Group, HomeServe USA and many more. Check out the complete lineup.

This year’s agenda of sessions is based on votes from members of the community.
Check out the
agenda and start mapping out your top session picks.

NEW at LISTEN 2017 – Eureka Great Escape “SPY” Challenge

You wake up with a briefcase handcuffed to your wrist in a room you’ve never seen before. A high-ranking operative has gone missing and it is your mission to find out who she is, where she is hiding and then escape the room you are trapped in to bring her back. All you need is in front of you. Test your Eureka know-how and solve a series of puzzles to unlock the clues, escape the room and complete your mission.

NEW at LISTEN 2017 – Introducing Eureka Success Playbooks

CallMiner has developed a Eureka Playbook Matrix that outlines best practice for utilizing various Eureka content to achieve specific ROI based on your targeted Use Case(s).   Based on this matrix, CallMiner has begun developing a series of playbooks to provide step-by-step instructions for utilizing specific Eureka content (both out-of-the-box and custom) to achieve quantifiable ROI.

Although there is no “easy button,” at LISTEN 2017, CallMiner is introducing Eureka Success Playbooks on 15 different plays including: Long Call Analysis, Silence Drivers Analysis, CSAT Score, QM Automation, Customer Effort Score, Sales Effectiveness Score, State Law Requirements, Disclosure and Mini-Miranda Analysis. Each Playbook aligns with a specific use case such as efficiency, customer experience, performance management, sales effectiveness or risk and compliance.

Attendees at the conference will receive a thumb-drive in the welcome pack with all fifteen Playbooks.  These Playbooks are designed for all types of analysts and will be organized as follows:

  • Beginner Playbooks:  Written utilizing out-of-the-box content and basic metadata attributes & measures to assist analysts that has successfully completed product training with identifying and eliminating the outlier calls contributing to the targeted ROI metric.
  • Intermediate Playbooks:  Written utilizing more advanced out-of-the-box content or simple custom created content, along with basic metadata attributes & measures, to assist analysts that have several months of working in the product under their belt with identifying the process variation required to address the targeted ROI metric.
  • Advanced Playbooks: Written utilizing advanced custom created content, along with advanced metadata attributes & measures, to assist seasoned analysts with identifying the systemic change required to address the targeted ROI metric

Be sure to join the session, “Getting the Most from Out-of-the-Box Content” for a walk through of one of the playbooks. Then you’ll have everything you need to go back to the office and put the plays into action.

2nd Annual LISTEN API Contest

This is a chance to show off your organization is using the Eureka API use case and the benefits derived from the data extracted via the API. The winner (determined by peer review at LISTEN Session) will receive the coveted “Eureka Innovation Award” and a free pass to LISTEN 2018.

Contest submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Use Case Overview
  • Brief narrative description of API programming efforts to facilitate objective
  • Types of Data extracted
  • Impact of the data extracted via the API to meet business objective (include metrics, ROI, etc.)
  • Summary

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