Listen 2016: Customer Engagement Building Momentum

The Higher Ed Growth team joined top customer engagement professionals for CallMiner’s Listen 2016 earlier this month. Our company has attended for years and this event stood out in many ways.

For one, it was bigger. With 40 percent more attendees, customer engagement is clearly building momentum. It’s a reflection of the industry and a growing need for automation, robust analytics engines and a deeper understanding of end users.

More and more are seeing the benefits of automating reporting and scorecards. And Listen 2016 was an opportunity to share those benefits and the steps taken for validating and calibrating deployments with one another. Everyone had their own individual journey to contribute — a Eureka moment, of sorts — but there seemed to be a common foundation: building.

Building the Right Team

Companies rolling out speech and interaction analytics for the first time can enjoy many immediate advantages, but will also need to consider the changes to long-standing company roles, team member responsibilities and overall dynamics. From agents to leadership, these new tools impact every layer of the organization. It’s critical to build the right team and provide proper on-boarding.

Here are some of the changes to consider: Calls will no longer need to be manually reviewed, which saves time and allows for resources to be focused in other areas. Reports now reveal agent and lead sentiment, which offers contact leaders another layer of understanding and provides opportunity for additional communications training. Engagement knowledge also allows businesses to better forecast and mitigate issues before they arise, which means processes may need to shift accordingly. All of these efforts add up to increased performance and positive outcomes.

Building Scores

Eureka Version 10 was rolled out during the event and has given CallMiner’s Building Blocks tool new utility and additional functionality. Anecdotally speaking, we’ve been using the new version in our higher education marketing technologies since September and have seen a significant improvement to customer experience, school matching and enrollment rates. Prior to Eureka 10, we were at an 86 percent student-to-school match success rate. Now, we’re at 95 percent. It’s become easier to create and locate specific categories that we want to build, and ensure our scorecards are flagging correctly.

Building Collaboration

Featuring several round-table discussion formats, Listen 2016 seemed to focus on collaboration more than ever before. The sessions ranged from compliance best practices to real-time monitoring. We certainly got a lot out of the discussions, and the implementation conversations seemed especially helpful for first-time users. Most, if not all, walked away with answers to individual implementation questions — knowledge that could be put to use right away after the event.

Listen 2016 captured everything that CallMiner and its tools do so well: provide new ways to harness and understand data. Optimize processes. Solve problems. Without a doubt, analytics professionals and attendees not only gained new techniques, but a new perspective on their customers — and businesses.

About Higher Ed Growth

Higher Ed Growth (HEG) is a full-service marketing agency specializing in post-secondary education. HEG uses proprietary technology to deliver targeted enrollment leads to for-profit and nonprofit education clients. In addition to lead generation, HEG offers services such as white label software solutions, inquiry management, enrollment analytics, and search engine optimization – with the ultimate goal of boosting enrollment and retention numbers for clients. HEG was named one of the Best Places to Work in 2015 by Phoenix Business Journal. The company was also featured in Inc. Magazine’s list of 5,000 fastest growing companies in the US in 2014, 2015 and 2016.