Key Takeaways & Highlights from LISTEN 2016


Last week, CallMiner hosted our eighth annual LISTEN user conference and customer engagement analytics event.  LISTEN 2016, which took place at the beautiful Opal Sands Hotel in Clearwater Beach, Florida, featured sessions, keynotes, and roundtable discussions on speech analytics, customer experience, call center efficiency, and more.

At its core, LISTEN is an event designed to bring together executives and data analysts from top organizations who are using and benefiting from speech analytics.

To that end, users and customer engagement professionals had the opportunity to connect and engage in discussions around compliance disputes, speech analytics implementation, gamification techniques, real-time monitoring, etc.

Prior to the event, CallMiner saw a 40% increase in registrations, and we were thrilled to welcome more than 160 new customer engagement professionals to the conference.

Let’s take a look at some of the key takeaways and highlights of LISTEN 2016:



Take a look at our Photo Gallery to see more highlights from the Event.

Educational Sessions & Networking Opportunities

This year, LISTEN featured more than 40 educational sessions, most led by customers, across five tracks.  Based on input from last year’s attendees, CallMiner added in advanced and fundamental tracks and a relational round table track.

“I really liked the format this year, I think we had a part in recommending it,” says Shawn Feaser from Encore Capital. “With all the growth in the client base we were able to get a lot out of the advanced sessions and it was great to speak at some of the fundamental sessions and round tables to help guide the newcomers in accelerating their success.”

In addition to these learning opportunities, LISTEN also offered several opportunities for attendees to network with their peers and CallMiner team members throughout the event.

Lynsie Sutton, Business Project Manager at Navient, says, “The connections that you make by networking at LISTEN are extremely valuable. There are people who have been using the system much longer than us and it was great to be able to talk to them and have them share how they are using the technology to address their business challenges.”


President and CEO Terry Leahy and Founder and CTO Jeff Gallino kicked off the conference with a talk about how companies are using technology in amazing ways to communicate, get answers, and solve problems. They also discussed the importance of being connected with peers, thought leaders, and industry experts to leverage one other’s knowledge and experience.

LISTEN also featured several keynote speakers, including Shep Hyken, Chief Amazement Officer at Shepard Presentations.  Hyken worked magic into his talk on the the importance of infusing “moments of magic” into the customer experience.

“Shep Hyken’s talk was awesome,” says Mike Hull, Director of Business Analytics from Trade Global. “The speaker was fun and he made us think.”


During the event, CallMiner presented awards to three analysts whose efforts had had a direct impact on improving business results for their companies through the use of customer engagement analytics. Those recognized were: Thomas Peroutka Jr, Business Analyst at Americollect; Pulkit Jain, Deputy Manager of Business Information at Encore Capital Group; and Christine Gonzalez, Quality Analyst at HomeServe USA.

In addition to these awards, CallMiner held a contest for the best use of the Eureka API to extract intelligence from the platform and fuel 3rd party application use cases and workflows. The winner of this award was Pulkit Jain, Deputy Manager of Business Information Analytics at Encore Capital Group.  Jain traveled from India to attend the conference.

Mobile App

Although LISTEN packs considerable educational and network opportunities into a thrilling three-day event, it’s still important for our users to be able to connect with other customer engagement professional throughout the remainder of the year.

During the conference, CallMiner introduced Eureka Xchange, an app exchange for users of CallMiner’s hosted Eureka 10 analytics platform.  It complements CallMiner’s existing libraries of solution packs that drive faster ROI for customer care, collections, and sales contact centers and provides additional categories that automatically tag customer interactions that provide the key insights that are most valuable to a company’s business.

Final Thoughts

We were thrilled to host our eighth annual LISTEN conference, where customer engagement professionals had the opportunity to connect and share insights about their experiences with speech analytics.

We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did and we look forward to seeing you next year!





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