Key Takeaways From Our First UK Customer Analysts Forum

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CallMiner’s first UK Customer Analysts Forum uncovered some brilliant ways for speech analytics to deliver a great return on investment. The day consisted of five workshops that afforded analysts within our user community the opportunity to share some of their thoughts, successes and challenges with the application of speech analytics. Among the many learnings shared, I have selected my top piece of advice from the day.

Involve agents before implementation to ensure success.

1. Get buy-in by explaining why speech analytics is an investment that is for good your agents

Delegates from Uncle Buck discussed how they involve agents in the mechanics of speech analytics and are therefore able to avoid the impression that it is ‘Big Brother’ technology. Their Speech Analytics team promotes the positive aspects, showing agents where they are doing well and identifying areas where further support and training would be helpful. It’s also worth noting that the speech programme in Uncle Buck is driven by their Learning & Development team rather than QA, meaning that agents’ personal development is a key focus instead of simply finding mistakes.

2. Identify smart categories by capturing agent suggestions

Because agents really understand what customers are telling them, the Uncle Buck team make a point of getting agent advice about the analytics categories they should create. This ensures that they deliver valuable customer insight to their organisation from the outset. It also reinforces agent buy-in to the use of speech analytics because they feel they have a part to play in the creation of the analytics categories.

As I hope these two takeaways demonstrate, this was an incredible learning event for everyone involved. I hope you find them useful and look forward to even greater levels of engagement at our next Customer Analysts Forum.