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Check In On Key 2018 Trends in Contact Center & Customer Experience


The Team at CallMiner

August 22, 2018

Contact center and customer experience trends 2018
Contact center and customer experience trends 2018

Customer expectations are at an all-time high and today companies need to know what their customers want and deliver a positive customer experience if they are going to see success. While it seems simple enough, customer experience (CX) trends and expectations continue to change year after year.  Moreover, each new strategy claims to be the one thing businesses must embrace to make it in the current customer-focused society. From big data to artificial intelligence to digital transformations, it can be challenging for businesses to keep up with the changes let alone embrace the right ones at the right time.

Throughout 2017, Aberdeen surveyed global CX leaders to see what were their best-in-class processes and technologies.   Aberdeen breaks down the most popular strategies in their 2018 Contact Center & Customer Experience (CX) Trends and which should be on your radar in 2018 by looking at existing adoption rates and planned adoption rates of CX leaders. The report is available in our learning center.

Most Popular CX Technologies

At the top of the list for existing CX technologies are:

  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Self-service Analytics
  • Knowledge Management
  • Database Management
  • Unified Agent Desktop

Although these top five technologies are trending for overall customer experience, they are somewhat aligned to where contact centers should focus their efforts in 2018. Instead, Aberdeen recommends looking at the ones with the highest planned adoption rates and most popular among CX leaders:

  • Self-service Analytics
  • Prescriptive Intelligence and Recommendation Engines
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Chatbots
  • Social Media Monitoring, Web Analytics, Unified Agent Desktop, Text Analytics, CRM integration

According to Aberdeen, these five technologies share a common element, “they are not newcomers to the CX technology landscape.” A number of them have been around for over a decade, but their recent growth in popularity shows that businesses finally understand these are “must-have tools” if they want to be successful with CX management.

New Technology on the Horizon: Voice Biometrics 

They identify Voice Biometrics as an additional tool critical to CX management in 2018 due to the growing number of data breaches. Voice biometrics not only increases security, but it also makes communication easier for your customer which creates a better experience.

Key Process Trends to Consider in 2018

The Aberdeen report also defines key process trends that contact centers should be utilizing to achieve “Best-in-Class results.”

Customer Journey Mapping

While 43% of companies currently map customer journeys, many companies outsource this as a one-time activity when it requires more. As times change, so do customer expectations and ultimately customer behavior and their journeys.


With 51% of companies utilizing more than eight communication channels, delivering a streamlined customer experience is difficult. Contact centers should be focused on automating to increase efficiency in customer communications.

Rediscovering the Fundamentals

Even companies that have had CX programs in place are going back to the basics to identify who is responsible for the program, how to get buy-in from leaders, and how to measure success.

Augmented Intelligence

By using artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance contact center activities and agent responsibilities, companies can quickly increase efficiency and agent productivity.

Don’t get lost in the many CX management strategies available to contact centers. Take the time to review your options and pick the ones that will benefit your business the most. Read the full Aberdeen report here to gain a full understanding of which strategies and trends are most important in 2018.

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