Only at LISTEN: An AI Perspective from Outside the Cave

If you live in a cave, caves are what you know. It becomes your existence, your totality of experience. But a strange thing can happen when you venture outside. You learn new things, have different experiences, ones that better equip you for life inside the cave. Why am I telling you this? Because the cave […]

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3 Potential Pitfalls of DIY Speech Analytics

More and more organizations are looking to build in-house data science or AI teams to use emerging technology and techniques to harness the power of their data.  With the growth of these internal data science teams, many companies are looking to gain greater control of all aspects their data programs to be more nimble and […]

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Thoughts From The AI Summit In San Francisco

To most of external world we are a call center platform, more specifically a call center change and insight software.   Last week we had the opportunity to attend and speak, and really geek out at the AI Summit in San Francisco, the heart of technology innovation.  If you can indulge me for the next few […]

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What the Hack? Join us for our Hackathon!

For those of you who are not aware, I am on the research team here at CallMiner.  In research, we like to learn and try stuff.  If you are lucky enough to be a research scientist, then you know what I’m going to talking about.  If not, then let me share what we do, and […]

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Welcome To AI For Better Customer Engagement

Welcome to AI. Let me introduce myself: My name is Rick, and I’m the new VP of Artificial Intelligence or AI here at CallMiner. Now that is out of the way, what the heck is AI. Actually, I’m not sure I can accurately answer that question, basically because in its current form it’s been around […]

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