2015 – The Year Customer Interaction Analytics Went Mainstream

As I sit here on the 30th of December biting my nails by the “fax machine” awaiting those 20ish PO’s we need to make the quarter – I am reflecting on the year just coming to an end.   (Because if I start reflecting on the numbers we need to hit by the end of the day I will wind up under my desk in a fetal position).   With 24 hours to go in the quarter this is the life of the tech industry CEO.   And his/her sales team who are out there in their cubicles at this very moment selling body parts to get their deals over the line.

But this year end has a different whiff to it for me.   I’ve done this for 8 years in this industry and we here at CallMiner have spent many of those years wandering in the wilderness of early technology adopters around the world.   Those pioneers who understood the promise of REAL Customer Interactions Analytics.   The brave souls who understood that without the actual VOICE of the customer your interactions analytics solution was about as relevant to the customer experience as Comcast customer service is to…well customer service.   They grasped the importance of the voice layer in the truly world class Customer Interaction Analytics solution.   Like us they believed that using things like surveys,  and other derivative data inputs like text analytics to paint a true picture of the customer experience was like  using Excel to write a word document.  It’s doable but hardly optimal.

There is a euphemism in high tech that “the impact of new technology is always overstated in the near term and understated in the long term”.   2015 was the year we finally entered the “long term” in customer interaction analytics technology – the year when our average buyer was a business executive (almost never IT) trying to solve a real, material business problem.   And the core of the solution had to be a reliable, scalable solution that included the actual, recorded voice of their customers and agents.  2015 will be remembered as the year the critical voice element of the software stack matured,  became reliable as well as scalable and arrived as the critical anchor of the Customer Interaction Analytics solution that enterprise MUST have to be serious about customer experience,  compliance and revenue enhancement.

I hope your 2016 plans include the adoption of a true Customer Interaction Analytics solution for your company.   One that is built around the Speech Analytics platform.  Because also as a result of the progress made across the industry as of 2015,  your enterprise is now badly exposed to competitors who have made this “listening post” for customer feedback an essential element of their market strategy.   Yea,  that’s the taste of their road dust in your mouth.   Ooop – gotta run…I hear the fax machine whirring.    Happy New Year !