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Master Creator of FCR Categories & Components

Compete and show off your Eureka chops – developing and sharing your best First Call Resolution (FCR) categories and components.

Follow 6 Easy steps to victory

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3. Review category requirements

4. Start Building Categories!

5. Submit Categories by September 30

6. Be crowned Master Creator!

  • Best category design will be reviewed in an Advanced Analyst session at LISTEN with the CallMiner Team
  • Winning team will receive up to 2 free passes for LISTEN
  • Winning team will receive a $500 Amazon gift card
  • All winning categories and amazing submissions will be posted on Eureka Xchange
  • Teams may consist of any number of members
  • Teams must be registered to win
  • A team member can only belong to one team
  • A winning team need not submit every FCR contest category, but it really helps if you do
  • Submitted Categories should not contain Semantic Building Blocks (SBBs) or Filters
  • Entrants can and should strongly consider submitting one Category per FCR Type
  • Registration extended to 9/30 all categories must be submitted by midnight 10/7
  • Categories can and should contain multiple component searches
  • Winners will be selected by CallMiner’s Content and Evangelist teams, selections are final
  • We are looking for the best quality and most refined categories possible, a chance to show off your skill
  • Winners will be notified Oct 15
  • Winning submissions will be reviewed at LISTEN 2018, winners do not need to be present to win (but it’s more fun if you are!)
  • All winning categories and amazing submissions will be posted on Eureka Xchange
  • You are granting CallMiner unrestricted license to any content submitted as a part of this contest, so that it can be given to the world as a gift for all to use
  • No cheating, fighting, ill temper, thieving, piracy, plagiarism, “rhymin’ & stealin'” (just kidding – obviously no stealin’!)

Registrations open until September 15!

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