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CallMiner – Voice of Customer Analytics

Wondering what CallMiner does or how conversational analytics (speech analytics, text analytics) across all channels can help your business? Don’t ignore the elephant in the room! Watch this overview video to learn how CallMiner can help you analyze and take action on the voice of your customers.

Speech Analytics Solutions for Collections

Speech analytics can help ease collections challenges by analyzing every agent contact – either during or after the call – to eliminate compliance risk, improve agent performance, and increase recovery rates. CallMiner offers tailored solutions for any size company: from large enterprise collections operations to smaller agencies.

CallMiner Redactor – Are your calls PCI compliant?

CallMiner Redactor uses speech analytics technology to automatically remove PCI sensitive authentication and cardholder data from your incoming call recordings or call recording archives. When PCI sensitive information such as account numbers or security codes is spoken, the audio is muted– taking your contact center call recordings out of PCI scope.

Automating the Performance Management Process with Contact Analytics

Watch this overview video to learn more about CallMiner’s myEureka, a brand new application included with Eureka and Eureka Essentials that automates the performance management process by providing direct performance feedback to contact center managers, supervisors, and agents.

Uncovering the Customer Experience

Every brand has a promise. What if delivered experience doesn’t live up to the brand promise? How does your business know when this is happening and which customers it’s affecting? Create visibility throughout your organization with a customer experience management platform from ResponseTek. Feature speech analytics, powered by CallMiner, gain valuable insights into the voice of your customer on a continuous basis.

Improving Customer Service and Agent Performance featuring British Gas

Learn how British Gas has taken advantage of the full range of benefits provided by speech analytics. Jason Gingell, Senior Business Analyst at British Gas, will discuss how his team has successfully leveraged insights from speech analytics to improve contact center performance.

Achieving Immediate Wins with Speech Analytics ft. Nautilus

Learn how Nautilus, Inc. immediately improved their business using CallMiner speech analytics. Jennifer Buffaloe, Customer Support Service Manager at Nautilus, will discuss how her team has successfully leveraged insights from speech analytics into cost savings and process improvements.

Reduce CFPB Compliance Risk and Improve Collections with Speech Analytics

Learn how top collections agencies and accounts receivable management companies are automating compliance and performance monitoring across 100% of their phone calls by leveraging speech analytics.

Speech Analytics – 4 Case Studies in 30 minutes

Learn 4 ways LLC immediately improved their business using speech analytics. Niki Pirone, Speech Analytics Manager at Saveology, will discuss how her team successfully integrated insights from a speech analytics program into their continuous improvement process.

Learn more about realizing immediate returns on investment and discover the secrets to enhancing Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Compliance with speech analytics.

QSAT: Combining Agent Quality and Customer Feedback

Have you ever wished you had heard the conversation between a customer and an agent that resulted in customer feedback such as:
• “The agent was not helpful”
• “Their knowledge of the product was very poor”
• “I am never going to do business with you again”

What was actually said? How do you coach the CSR? How do you recover the customer? Now you have a solution: QSAT. Created by CallMiner and ResponseTek, QSAT is the world’s first complete customer contact metric which combines Agent Quality Monitoring with a Customer Feedback score.

Take Action on FCR with Speech Analytics

Solving your customer’s needs quickly and in the first contact not only reduces costs but is the major contributor to your customer’s satisfaction with their contact center interaction. Relying on metadata alone, such as customer account number or phone number, to identify repeat contacts is often inaccurate and not actionable.

Learn how Pershing LLC, a BNY Mellon Company, is using Speech Analytics in their contact center to:
• Accurately measure repeat contacts
• Take action by directly accessing example calls
• Determine root cause of repeat calls
• Incorporate First Call Resolution rates into team performance evaluations

Optimizing Speech Analytics Adoption

CallMiner, LiveVox and Accounts Receivable Management, Inc. operations and technology executives share a path to bypass integration hurdles and implement speech analytics to improve operations and compliance across the enterprise.

Ensure Increased Collections and CFPB Compliance

The collections industry has seen increased activity amidst the recession and continued troubled economy. Unfortunately the reputation and public perception has been marred by poor collections practices, which often come under regulatory scrutiny. The U.S. government has created an entire office dedicated to monitoring the industry and enforcing regulations — the CFPB. How can your organization protect itself in the wake of these changes?

Are You Ready for Open Enrollment?

Healthcare is in transformation posing major impact to insurance and benefit providers. Open enrollment under normal circumstances puts added strain on your contact center and stresses the importance of well-prepared agents. Attend this online webinar to learn about proven approaches to increasing your contact handling efficiency and capacity, improving customer experience and your customer satisfaction ratings, and predicting and reducing customer churn during this critical time.

Protecting Your Customer’s Voice

PCI. HIPAA. GLBA. As we progress further into the Information Age, regulations protecting the privacy of consumers have become a commonplace among corporate America. At the same time, companies are collecting more information, including private and confidential items, from their customers than ever before. As we pursue continuous improvement on both of these fronts, CIOs and InfoSec departments find the delicate act of balancing, privacy, retention, and accessibility ever more complex.

Increasing Sales with Direct Agent Feedback

Pervasive business intelligence has long been touted as the panacea to driving improvements in business productivity and performance. It has also been a highly elusive objective. If you believe in the old adage “Knowledge is Power” and you run a contact center or a business dependent on contact center sales, attend this webinar to learn how CallMiner myEureka combines automated scoring and the concepts of pervasive BI to improve sales performance.

Making sense of Phonetics vs. LVCSR

If you run a contact center, you’re probably aware that speech and VOC analytics solutions can play a key role in helping you drive continuous improvement across your KPIs: agent quality, sales effectiveness, compliance monitoring, AHT and FCR. But discerning one analytics solution from another often leads straight into a technology question: “Which is better for me, a solution based on phonetics, or one based on LVCSR?” In this webinar, CallMiner’s Founder and CTO Jeff Gallino separates fact from fiction, laying out where these two technologies fit best and why.

Transform Contact Center Performance with Pervasive Business Intelligence

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Modernize your performance program with pervasive Business Intelligence
  • Automate call scoring for more timely and accurate performance measures
  • Use targeted BI portals to drive immediate actionable performance feedback direct to Agents and Team Leaders
  • Migrate from sluggish evaluation and coaching processes to instant, automated feedback loops
  • Transform data from diverse systems into a single view of actionable, plain-language performance alerts
  • Generate continuous self-directed improvement at the agent level and contact center-wide
  • Quickly achieve and maintain higher performance with automated personal BI from CallMiner myEureka.

ROI from Voice Analytics – Customer Panel

Listen as a panel of CallMiner customers from three different industries discuss the return on investment experienced implementing Voice of Customer Analytics. Share stories in this webinar are:

  • Guy Benham, Head of Operational Analytics at British Gas (utilities)
  • Bary Jones, Senior Director Business Process Management Customer Care at Clear (communications)
  • Lee Hasson, Business Intelligence Manager at Saveology (direct sales)

The One-Two Punch Guarantee ARM Success with CallMiner LiveVox Solution

The webinar targeted to collections agencies will cover how you can collect more, reduce risk and ensure FDCPA compliance with speech analytics and call recording. The webinar will target key goals such as

  • Increasing revenue per collector
  • Increasing connects and RPCs
  • Increasing list penetration percentages
  • Analzying 100% of your contacts for compliance

… and more.

Improve Agent Performance with Automated Quality Management

Are your contact agents the most trusted resource in your arsenal? If not, then learn how to convert them into the most powerful performers in your company.

Most organiz(s)ations are limited to costly quality monitoring processes that provide mixed-value outcomes. Today, the quality of your customer and client interactions can be assured through an affordable and easy-to-use automated quality management solution.


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