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New Study Shows the Impact of the Customer Experience


According to a research study from NewVoiceMedia, 71% of customers would recommend a business to others following a positive customer experience.  Twenty-one percent, would, however, seek “revenge” (i.e., posting a negative review online or venting frustration on social media) after an unsatisfactory company interaction. A Call Centre Helper article covering the findings from NewVoiceMedia’s summer more

Marketers Prioritize Omnichannel Interaction but Feel Ill-Equipped to Execute Campaigns


According to the latest MyCustomer article, 73% of marketers recognize the influence of omnichannel interaction on conversion as “major,” but 35% say their businesses aren’t equipped to deliver omnichannel marketing campaigns. Sixty-eight percent of marketers also say it’s a priority for “all marketing to be integrated across channels,” reports the Cross-Channel Marketing Report (backed by more

UK Businesses Struggle With Internal Performance Metrics


According to the latest Call Centre Helper article, 59% of UK businesses cannot produce reports that track customer service agent, contact center, sales, and support team performance. Furthermore, 63% claim their business can’t accurately predict call volumes, reports an Enghouse Interactive survey mentioned in the article. The absence of reporting capabilities extends to companies’ current more

Contact Centers Prioritize Customer Service Performance Metrics


According to the latest Smart Customer Service article, contact centers are increasingly prioritizing customer service performance metrics. Eighty-three percent of contact centers measure their accessibility, defined as the level of ease their customers have in reaching them, reports research from the International Customer Management Institute’s (ICMI) Understanding Modern Contact Center Metrics study covered in the more

Consumers Dissatisfied With Omnichannel Customer Service


According to a recent research study from eGain and Forrester Consulting, 65% of consumers view omnichannel customer service as either “about the same” or worse” compared to a year ago. Other findings show that customers rate the following channels as stagnant or worse: contact center customer service (68%), IVR self-service (67%), web self-service (63%), and more

U.K. Consumers Dissatisfied with Traditional Call Centers, Research Shows


According to the latest Smart Customer Service article, more than 15 million U.K. adults consider being stuck on hold with a telephone operator their top annoyance of 2015. About 31% of U.K. customer care managers think their biggest struggle is relying on old customer service techniques like traditional call centers, states the Lithium Technologies study more

Research Shows Many Contact Centers Struggle With Social Media Customer Service


According to a recent MyCustomer article, social customer service is the biggest challenge for contact center leaders. The article highlights ICMI data, which shows contact centers are focused primarily on phone (97%) and email (87%) for customer support initiatives. ICMI’s “Smarter Service for the Connected Customer: Delivering Customer Experience Excellence in the Contact Center” survey, more

Customer-Centric Strategies Fall Short; Speech Analytics Can Help


According to a new research study by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, almost 75% of companies plan to have a customer-centric strategy in place within the next two years.  Forty-three percent of businesses plan to have a strategy in place within a year or less. As reported in a CustomerThink article on the study findings, more

Most Consumers Readily Offer Personal Data to Companies


According to a recent MyCustomer article, 75% of consumers are inclined to offer their personal data to brands. However, only 7% think they’re getting better offers from companies as a result of sharing their information, reports the Aimia survey covered in the article. Brands are rarely offering a fair trade in return for consumer data, more


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